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What Is Responsive Website

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Recent work also considers the viewer proximity as part of the viewing context as an extension for RWD. Content, design and performance are necessary across all devices to ensure usability and satisfaction.

A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries – an extension of the media rule in the following ways:

  • The fluid grid concept calls for page element sizing to be in relative units like percentages, rather than absolute units like pixels or points.
  • Flexible images are also sized in relative units, so as to prevent them from displaying outside their containing lement.
  • Media queries allow the page to use different CSS style rules based on characteristics of the device the site is being displayed on, most commonly the width of the browser.

Responsive website design has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.

Responsive Website Process

Personalise User Experience On Your Website

Your customers can enjoy the ultimate personalised experience when visiting your website. Captivate them with amazing displays and keeping them immersed by making it easy for them to find exactly what they want.

The appearance and feel of a website must inspire, but user-friendliness is essential to achieving success. Best Online Digital Marketing Solutions firmly believe that balancing these two aspects of design will result in the greatest user experience.

Whether you want it to convert leads, make sales, increase followers or drive traffic, your website will be designed to achieve your goals. You can choose any made actions such as adding a special message for first time visitors, displaying a discount code to mobile users, showing the dinner menu from 6pm -10pm, or create your own to fit with your unique business goals.

Scanning Your Surrounding

We make it a strong point to understand your brand, your market place and your objectives. We will define your site structure and key user journeys using wireframes. Primary decisions are made during this process to ensure that users’ needs are met on each page of your website.

Bring To Life

Once approved and agreed we will introduce visual assets and real content to the wireframes, applying colour palettes to bring the designs to life. We will work with new or existing branding guidelines to deliver you your vision whilst allowing us to assist and support the design process.

Apply And Finish

The building process is carefully managed between our design and development teams. We will build your project to meet design standards and achieve optimum efficiency before completing the website.

10 Benefits of Responsive Website Design

One of the famous feature of best responsive web design is that – it makes your website or webpage user friendly. This is because your website can be used on any device of any screen size.

Today there is huge competition on the invention of technologies and daily a number of smartphones come to the market. If you have a best responsive web design – then customers will visit your website which will be beneficia.

Everyday the search engines are getting very smart and they know how to figure out the connection of mobile websites with the desktop ones therefore bringing the responsive website to the top of their pages.

If your website is a responsive website then you have to maintain it only once. This is because there will be only one layout which works for all sort of devices. This will reduce your efforts and your work load.

Lowering your bounce rate is only half of the battle. Creating a consistent user experience across all devices is key to converting new customers.

When users are deciding whether or not to subscribe to a service – they do not want to be redirected to device-specific websites because the process often takes longer.

Having a single secure website that looks professional on all platforms makes users less likely to get frustrated or turn to a competitor.

First impressions are everything – so whether someone is visiting a website for the first time from their desktop or their smartphone, you want them to have a consistently positive experience.

If visitorshave to do a lot of zooming, shrinking and pinching their screens during their first visit – they are likely to give up and try another website.

Best Responsive web design gives users a smooth and optimised experience on the device they have in their hands.

Most search engine like “Google” have started promoting the best responsive web design in their method for the mobile phone sites.

Knowing where traffic is coming from and how users interact with your website is necessary to make informed improvements.

 Having a single responsive site greatly simplifies the monitoring process. Google Analytics and similar tools now cater to responsive websites by condensing tracking and analytics into a single report so that you can see how your content is performing on different devices.

A responsive and optimised mobile website provides a much better user experience for the visitor. They are more likely to stay around for a longer and explore different areas of your site.

If your website is not responsive – it is much harder to keep the visitor engaged and therefore more likely that they will leave (bounce).

Another benefits of Responsive Website designing is that you will not have to worry about any redirects because it involves not user agent targeting. So it is a great thing if you are a little irresponsible for taking care of the targeted users and redirects.

Most smartphones and tablets today are HTML5 enabled, responsive web design benefits users by making it easier to continue viewing content within HTML5 web applications without an internet connection.

Our Responsive Website Packages

Best Online Digital Marketing Solutions pride in providing the best at any level. We offer 3 main WordPress Responsive Website packages – all with amazing great look with different levels of optimisation. Our packages include everything you need to get your business online.

Our responsive website will work on Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets –  featuring a CMS system that will allow you to add your own pages when you want to.

The Gold Responsive Website Package

Our responsive website package is ideal for anyone with a tight budget who is looking for a premium website without the premium cost.

This is an excellent starter package for new/small businesses and will be more than adequate for most.

includes the following:

Responsive Website



Those marked with (*) are available options and can be added at extra cost.
Responsive Website



Those marked with (*) are available options and can be added at extra cost.

The Platinum Responsive Website Package

The faster your website is – the happier your visitors are and the higher your website will appear in searches. This package makes sure that your website flies by making sure that your site loads as quickly as possible.  

This is our most popular website package and is suitable for medium to large businesses. 

includes the following:

The Titanium Responsive Website Package

Best Online Digital Marketing Solutions will ensure that your website is set up as well as possible to appear in search results and across social media. We will also help you with your next steps in marketing your site and attracting even more visitors. This package can feature portfolio, services and blog sections and many more. 

This is our ultimate website package and is suitable for the larger organisation wanting to seriously impress.

includes the following:

Responsive Website



Those marked with (*) are available options and can be added as extra cost.

Included With EVERY Responsive Website Package

All websites include a free domain (if required) and 12 months free web hosting.
Search Engine Optimisation will help you get found at the top of search engine results
Your dedicated website designer will make as many changes needed until you are happy
All packages include multiple e-mail accounts that work on mobile, tablet, Outlook etc
All our websites are custom built to your exact specifications without templates
High quality images can be supplied for any type of business website
Your dedicated designer will design a new business logo or re-design yours
WordPress is a powerful CMS platform that will allow easy management of your content
We can can add social media links to your site and create graphics for Facebook & Twitter
Your dedicated designer will design a new business logo or re-design yours
Our websites are optimised so that they adapt to any size of screen
Free UK based technical support is available by phone, online and e-mail
All websites include 12 months Secure Hosting with FREE SSL Certificate.

We build on trust, confidence, success and customer satisfaction across the UK and around the globe.

View our selections of packages that meet your business needs or contact us for more custom made specifications.

Best Online Digital Marketing Solutions also provide additional services that go hand in hand with our Responsive Website Design Package.

Click on each one to learn more how they integrate to create a successful business.

Responsive Website

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Knowledge - usability, accessibility & visual design will enhance your users’ experience.

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SSL Certificates

Safe, Secure and trustworthy website increases more sales, lead and enquiry

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