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Custom Website Designn

Custom Website Design and development is a method where we deal with website improvement whereby customisation is necessary as far as structure is concerned.

CustomBuilt Websites. … Sites built using WordPress or another CMS platform can be custom – where the entire site is built from scratch for your business to fit its needs and brand and/or using a pre-made template or “theme” bought off the shelf.

What Is Custom Website Development?

Custom Website Design is imperative as each business has different content in terms of branding, images, copy, products, services and more.

A custom website design gives you the flexibility to tailor it to your exact needs.  Our custom website designers use all of the latest techniques to make our customer’s websites stand out by utilising latest technology such as HTML 5 and CSS 3 and the latest versions available in the open market.

Benefits Of Custom Website Design

By customising your own webpage, you can ensure that the site is focused on your customers. A good user experience is essential for your page, especially in online shopping.

With custom design, you have the chance to shape how your users interact with your brand and your products. There is a strong link between an easy-to-use site and a highly ranking site – especially for websites with good mobile user experience design.

True custom designed websites do not follow website design templates and can have a truly unique look and feel and our custom website designer’s aim is to create imaginative and inspiring websites that are both eye-catching and functional and also increase the security and protect customer privacy.

Our search engine marketing team will also make sure your custom website design is optimised for your chosen phrases.

When you use custom web design, you know there won’t be inadvertently reminding any consumers of any competitors. It is the uniqueness that gives your website the added advantage over your competitors.

Quite a few website builders and CMS come with lots of built-in functionality. This is to cater for as many different users as possible – allowing the systems and platforms to target the biggest possible customer base.

Custom building your website allows you to avoid unnecessary functionality. Building each of the functions for your site allows you to optimise not only the functionality but also the design for these functions – further reducing load times.

Custom website design is the process of creating a unique web page to suit an individual, topic or brand’s certain requirements – from layout to user experience.

It is a serious online marketing advantage since web designers consider the site’s audience, function and traffic when constructing their designs.

Most templates lack the user experience considerations to boost your rankings, which effectively loses your customers before they can even land on your page.

Another reason: 25% of users refuse to buy products online if the company’s page is difficult to comprehend. Making your page easy to navigate is simple when you are able to control what kind of features you want on the site.

With a Custom Website Design – those little details can be worked into the design on the back end. This means that SEO will be built into the framework and your climb in ranking will be easier to manage and accomplish over time.

Custom Website Designs also focus on front-end SEO as each page includes keyword rich content that search engines like Google value.

These better the features and content – the nore likelihood that people will link to your website  thus increasing your rank.

Our Custom Website Design Packages

Have a look below and compare our Custom Website packages side by side to view all the listed features.

It is also possible to add certain one off features to any of the packages if you prefer a custom solution or vice versa.



Up to 15 Unique Website Pages

Conceptual and Dynamic Website

Content Management System(CMS)

FREE SLL Certificate *

15 Stock Images

8 Unique Banner Designs

FREE Google Friendly Sitemap

FREE 1 Year Hosting *

Pop Ups on 3 Pages **

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Unique Design Guarantee

Social Media Page Creation – Facebook,

Twitter & Instagram Profiles



Unlimited Website Pages

Conceptual and Dynamic Website

Content Management System (CMS)

FREE SSL Certificate*

Up to 20 Stock Images

10 Unique Banner Designs

FREE Google Freindly Sitemap

FREE 1 year Hosting *

Pop Ups on 4 Pages **

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Unique Design Guarantee

Social Media Page Designs – Facebook,

Twitter & Instagram

Online Reservation/Appointment Tools **

Online Payment Integration **

Lead Capturing Forms **

  *  FREE SSL Certificate and FREE 1 Year Hosting is only valid when your website is hosted on our servers.

  ** These are optional extras that can be added if required.

Best Online Digital Marketing Solutions also provide additional services that go hand in hand with our Custom Website Design Package.

Click on each one to learn more how they integrate to create a successful outcome.

Responsive Website

Responsive design is a “must have” on most projects, improving user experience and visibility.

Content Marketing

Without relevant or up to date copy – your website’s ranking can slide and your business can sink.

E Commerce Website

Websites designed and built for your customer’s security and peace of mind.

SSL Certificates

Safe, Secure and trustworthy website increases more sales, lead and enquiry

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